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The Ultimate Sports Stream

!ads - Twitch has ads beyond what EEI may show. If you do not want to subscribe to the show - try to refresh your twitch or leave and come back - rumor on the street says this may help. Type !prime to learn more on how to subscribe & free if you have Amazon Prime! 

!babs - Babylon_Paladin is really just here for the free cannolis, channel points and timing out Juddy

for no reason whatsoever. But mostly the cannolis.

!bagel - don't need this, I'm leaving and getting a bagel. On my toilet.

!bagel2 - If you're a Boston firefighter and you're looking for job security, just ask @cococox1 to toast a bagel. Problem = solved.   

!banbabs - Greg hates him, chat (barely) tolerates him and Ladyjaide just needs him to cover her coffee breaks. Babylon_Paladin just needs to go the hell away!

!brb - {} needs to step away for a second. Get a drink, grab a snack, drop a deuce...whatever. We're not here to judge.

!breathe - "Let it breathe"

!brew - If you are feeling thirsty and been well - fed, look no further for drinks than @homebrewred !

(DISCLAIMER: WEEI, Audacy, or its affiliates neither endorese nor condem the consumption of

alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly. And for God's sake, Don't Use A Straw!

!brew2 - Wanna get on @homebrewred good side? Send them a case of O'Doul's and ABBA's Greatest Hits on 8-track.

!boom - Whoa! What was that sonic crash in the airwaves? Was it a bird, a plane - oh Hell no!


!butter - Extra mayo? Don't forget the extra BUTTER!

!cold - {} passes an ice cold one to lady_jaide . 

!commands - Looking for commands? There are too many to list here - click this limo to go directly to the Command Center Homepage - or this to go directly to the Command Listing Enjoy the ride!

!contest - Want to win the contest? CALL 617 931 0937 RIGHT NOW TO WIN! and don't forget to tell them twitch sent ya!

!curtis - Chief Meterologist of the GHS, who coincidentally can also talk sports, has social media too! Who would have thunk? Follow him on Instagram: @curtisweei or on Twitter: @_ChrisCurtis

!devin - Sit down & listen - Devin is about to give us his takes on foozeball this week!

!devin2 - And that folks was the sound of Devin schooling Wiggy if a tree fell in the woods.

!dink - Contrary to popular belief, @Scheimtime WILL unban you if you can provide documentary evidence that you're not an absolute asshat, notarized and witnessed by 3 other documented non-asshats.

!dylan - The next person to use the Emote-Only point redemption will be walking around town with

@Dylanmitchell247 's shoe in their keister.

!eye - Yeah - Greg has this eye thing. A lot. Just try to ignore it, eventually he will see a doc or get a Zpack. I suggest tearing a small piece of Post It note and just putting it on the monitor.

!face - This conversation is so stupid {} just facepalmed themselves into a concussion protocol.

!fail -  {} has dropped the ball so hard, they cracked the concrete and embarrassed themselves worse than Wiggy trying to pay attention on a Thursday.

!fauria - Here it is, your complimentary link to follow Fauria on Twitter: @christianfauria

!follow - It is easy to follow this Station! Just click the Purple Heart to follow!  Type !psa to learn about subscribing for more amazing features and benefits to the stream!

!gerg - Did you miss a pic they are talking about on the show? Do you love food? You can follow Greg on Instagram: @greghillweei and @thegreghillshow or via Twitter: @thegreghillshow and @greghillweei

!ghf - If you have any questions about the amazing work that the Greg Hill Foundation does or want to

donate - please go here - (They are a 501 c3 organization) ~Ashley at the foundation is C19 incredible and happy to help  

!gresh - Look no further to follow Gresh and all of his SPORTS! takes, right here on Instagram: @therealgresh & greshandfauria or on Twitter: @TheRealGresh & @GreshFauriaWEEI 

!jackson - Are you looking for an emergency producer? Just add a Mods tears to any coffee & POOF! Jackson! *Warning: Not for children - Surfboard Not Included* (I, the Bot, also suggest following him for behind the scenes clips of the GHS. His Instagram is @actionjacksonradio & Twitter is @JacksonBurnes) Enjoy the adventure. 

!jaide - Lady Jaide does not approve!

!jar -  Hear that sound? That is the sound of another $100 to the GHF!

!jones - Who knew a vampire would love sports so much. Follow the daywalker on Twitter: @JonesWEEI & @JonesandMego

!kids -  To the greatest team in all of streamville - If you are looking to help Juddy feed the hungry kidos he coaches - the donation link is: Then Select : Support the Basketball Program at Greendale"  Your support is appreciated in many ways - thank you! With love - The Bot

!law - Whose voice is that? Bring the hype, it's a Ty F*king Law Tuesday!

!lurk - {} is takeing a coffee break. They'll be back later. Maybe. Mmmm, coffee.

!mego - Looking to keep up with MegO's sports takes? You can follow her on Instagram: @megowaffles22 or on Twitter: @Meghan_Ottolini & @JonesandMego

!MikeK10 - If @MikeK10 has blocked you, you done screwed up somewhere in life. What did you do, kick a

puppy or something? You MONSTER.

!nomj - Because of rules - Audacy does not want mention of legal or illegal things and stuff. 

!pen - {} is off to the cold, lonely penalty box. Old wooden bench, some water. Nothing

really going on there.

!pizza -  Pineapple pizza is acceptable to @ejconvey and a few other loonies.

!points - What are channel points? Given as you watch the show - you can click the bubble below your chat screen to select different features & enhance chat!

!poll - New Poll Up! Go vote!

!prime- If you have Amazon Prime you can subscribe to this channel FREE! First, link your Prime & Twitch Accounts via this page: Then, click the Subscribe button on this channel & scroll down to the PRIME FREE Option. (Subscriptionsl last 30 days & you need to re-click that button each month you have Amazon Prime active) No commercials, Emojis, a WEEI channel badge & more! 

!psa - We are all adults here (in theory), so let's have fun! There is no need to use sexism or be cruel or racist- as there is no place for it outside chat, please help squish such negativity here. Yes - this includes calling others names. *Caps are saved for Wiggy & Gresh & Arcand* Peace, Love & Understanding. ~ The Bot

!pudge - Pudge the GHS Mascot! He's small, cute, cuddly and Bradfo makes him snooze.

!radio - She used to work in radio. Now if you're an ass she'll tune you out - permanently. @radiochick81: accept no substitutes. Or stupid callers.

!rejoins - Rejoins matter more than the topics discussed on the shows. Music is serious business here!

!scheim - Curious on what Scheim does with his flex time? Did you miss some epxert betting tips? Don't miss out! Follow Scheim on Instagram: @scheimtime12 and Twitter: @scheimtime

!sensei - love the art? go give @senseitwentythree a follow on IG and DM him if you'd like to commission something! no affiliation with WEEI or Audacy, but he is amazingly talented!

!slap - {} gets a well-deserved back-hand from {}  

!so - Shout out to {} ! You have done an amazing thing of some nature and sent positive vibes into the universe!


!sports - TALK SPORTS

!sponsor -  Looking to add something new to your bar? Add the full flavors of Kentucky Owl "The Wiseman" Straight Bourbon Whiskey to your collection - it's Whiskey for the Ages. Please drink responsibly. Juddy not included.

!sub - YES! {} is part of the WEEI Twitch Team with another month's subscription! It's easy to sub, and free with your Amazon Prime! More info here! 

!thenews - It's "The News" hosted by Courtney Cox. Give Coco a follow on Twitter: coxcourtney and on IG: @cococox

!troll - FYI: due to new Twitch policy, if you have an account/name that was banned, any other account/name with the same email address will ALSO be banned. Creating a sockpuppet account to circumvent moderation is a bad idea. If you can't pay the toll, don't be a troll.

!turps - And now - Entering the chat room - weighing in at 900pixels - @turpweei 

!up - NEW POLL/PREDICTION UP! Can't see it? Just scroll to the top of your chat window! Your opinion

matters - within this chat - host participation is unlikely.

!welcome2 - Welcome to chat! Things are crazy! We are crazy! Happy to have you here! If you need a hand, Just ask in chat - one of us will be happy to help!

!wiggy - J. Charles Wiggins, Attorney at Law, will offer you free legal long as you think Cam Newton is still a good QB.

!wiggy85 - Look no further! You can follow Wiggy on Twitter: @jwiggs85 or Instagram: @jwiggs85

!zeke - He was trained by ejconvey , welcomed by LadyJaide and infuriated by Babylon_Paladin . So watch yourself. @Ezekielweei is peeved and on patrol.

!* - Are you seeing *** ? Check your Twitch Chat Filter Settings! If you are not able to see all the

emoji's being used - type !bttv for more info on how!

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