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Cloudy Sky

Harlow Dalton and the Golden Goddess 
by Damien Darko (Author)

The Earth isn't what it used to be. Not since the Keldor performed a hostile take-over and converted the planet to a hedonistic vacation spot offering the galaxy any depravity imaginable. Under their stewardship, humans are simply a resource to be exploited. Even those few humans who are registered as "free" are just pieces to be manoeuvred by the heads of the houses.

What can I say? I could not stop the pages from turning as the story began to unfold. Quick reading dialogue takes you through an adventure that may not be in the far future for all we know. I would absolutely recommend. ~ Lady Jaide

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(Streamer & More)

Hello! My name is Zombee (in the Twitch chat) and I have a wonderful gaming community full of people who want to make a real difference. Of course we play a lot of fun games and hang out, but most importantly... 


Since August of 2018 we have pooled together and given away all CASH DONATIONS that come into this stream. Viewers weekly can win it like a random lottery or sometimes we know someone in particular who is really in need. So far we have given away over $50,000 in cash, raised $20,500 for charities, and given away around $5,000 worth of prizes like Nintendo Switches, Gaming Monitors and other electronic equipment and more. 


So if you want to be a difference maker, come by the stream! Introduce yourself and tell me something about you! Feel free to just hang out or even game with me! My schedule is posted in the panels on Twitch and I always post a LIVE NOW tweet and IG story. So be sure to follow me on all social media platforms. 


If you are a business looking to work together, my Media Kit can be found using the link to my Pillar on the Linktree

ALL streaming platforms and social media links can be found there. 



August Ceramics has been designing and hand-crafting

ceramic giftware for over 25 years.


Our studio is located in a historic mill in Whitinsville, Massachusetts.

Here, our artists take great pride in producing high quality products

for your home or gift giving needs.

You may purchase items directly from this website or

contact us to find a gift shop near you that carries our product line.

Thank you for visiting.

From all of the folks at August Ceramics

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